Cruise Croatia

We have created Croatia Cruises program for you to be able to experience the breathtaking beauties of Croatian islands and coastline. These cruises are not done on traditional big cruise ships that are only able to berth in large Adriatic ports like Rijeka, Split or Dubrovnik, but instead are done on smaller motor-sailor boats capable of accommodating from 24 to 36 passengers and beautiful gullets capable of accommodating between 12 and 18 guests. The biggest value of our smaller cruise boats is the ability we have to berth almost anywhere what gives us the opportunity to explore the most concealed pearls of the Croatian Adriatic coast.

Featured Croatia Cruises in 2012

This year’s featured Croatia cruises are done one beautiful gulets which will provide you with luxury and comfort while cruising to popular Croatian summer destinations as well as hidden bays and small Croatian islands. We have chosen these cruises since we believe they provide the best value for money to our guests.

featuredcroatiacruises2012 cruisefromdubrovniktosplit1 Cruise Croatia
featuredcroatiacruises2012 cruisefromsplittodubrovnik1 Cruise Croatia
join our featured Croatia cruise and explore the city of Dubrovnik and all its surrounding islands where we will spend the days of the cruise. You will also get the chance to enjoy in the beauties of National Park Mljet as well as the islands Korcula and Hvar to name the few of the beautiful towns you will visit on this Croatia cruise. this is another unique one way gulet cruise where you will enjoy in the beauties of island Brac and it’s famous Zlatni Rat beach in Bol. You will also cruise to Hvar, Mljet and Korčula. Before arriving to Dubrovnik we will cruise through it’s archipelago and moor on the largest of Elafiti islands, Šipan.

Gullet Photo Gallery

these are the gulets we will sail on for the featured Croatia cruises 2012

Our gullets have from 6 to 8 cabins which gives you enough room and privacy on board. Also making new friends on board is much easier since there is limited number of passengers on board (up to 16)
Take a look at the all Croatia Cruises on board Gulets

Croatia Boat Cruises

Croatia boat cruises are done on our A+, A or B category ships. You can read more about these beautiful cruisers to find which cruise ship is best to accommodate you and your needs.
Our Cruisers

Croatia boat cruises run on every week and you can join our predefined cruises by renting a double or triple cabin.

Croatia Boat Cruise from Opatija

North Croatia cruise starts from a small port in Opatija from where we cruise towards the stunning island of Krk and island Rab on our way to city of Zadar where you can enjoy in cultural heritage this picturesque city has to offer.
Cruise from Opatija

From Zadar our cruise starts to go North and on our first stop we will visit gorgeous “island of flowers” Ilovik and enjoy in the peaceful harmony of the islands Molat and Olib. Before we reach Opatija we will have two days to enjoy in the popular Adriatic vacation destinations, islands Cres and Losinj.

Croatia Boat Cruises from Split

You can pick from two middle Croatia cruises. The first cruise from Split through middle Croatia is scheduled on every Saturday during the summertime with the beginning from Split. On this cruise you will also have the opportunity to enjoy in the cultural heritage of cities like Korcula and Dubrovnik. Besides these wonderful cultural destinations you will also have the opportunity to enjoy in the real gems of Croatia like National park Mljet, beautiful Hvar island and peaceful settlement of Trstenik on Peljesac peninsula.

Split, Croatia

The second cruise from Split is available only on particular dates during the summer. This cruise will take you from Split to Primošten, National Park Krka, National Park Kornati, city of Zadar, Vodice and “Museum Town” Trogir.

Croatia Boat Cruise from Dubrovnik

Our south Croatia cruise starts in city of Dubrovnik from where we sail towards the island of Hvar. On the way towards the island of Hvar we will have one day to explore the gorgeous city of Korcula. Korcula is unique and picturesque and people who visit it hardly ever forget about it. Massive city walls and narrow streets take you hundreds of years into the past, in the time when Marco Polo, whose home still stands in the city center today, prepared for his famous voyages to the East, creating trading routes and bringing strange merchandise back to Korcula. From Hvar, which is the most northern point of our journey, we will sail back towards the National Park Mljet, we will visit small village Trstenik on Peljesac peninsula and we will enjoy in the astounding beauties of Elafiti archipelago.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Once we return to Dubrovnik you will have the entire day for yourself to explore this picturesque city. You have the option to explore the city on your own or to join our guided tours of the city. Whatever you decide, we advise you to climb the city walls from where you will enjoy in the outstanding view on Dubrovnik and the Elafiti archipelago from where you just arrived.

Gulet Cruise Croatia

Gulet Cruise Croatia as opposed to Croatia Boat Cruises is a cruise completely organized around your wishes regarding which Croatian islands to visit or where to cruise in general. There are many Croatia island cruises we have created to help you explore beautiful Dalmatian coast as well as the North Adriatic and Kvarner region. You can choose one of our predefined Croatia gulet cruises or you can create your own.

Please note that in 2012 we have created gulet cruises on which you can rent a cabin and join the predefined cruises. You can join or cruise from Split to Dubrovnik, cruise from Dubrovnik to Split or cruise from Split to Dubrovnik with the return to Split.

Croatia Gulet Cruises

The other big difference between Croatia gulet cruises and Croatia boat cruises is that on a gulet cruise you and your party rent the entire gulet (usually from 10 to 14 people) while on Croatia boat cruises you can rent a single cabin and join one of our famous Croatia cruises.